Sin City Wolfhound


ADAM STEEL lives a double life. Adam is the name he chose for himself as a human. Steel is the name he was given at birth as a Giant Irish Wolfhound. The transformations began when he was two years old, fourteen in human years. Adam loves everything about the human world and dreads the random changes forcing him into his canine form. Using television as his main instructor, he "studies" humans by watching old black and white movies. He also watches the local news where he discovers one more thing about the human world he finds fascinating: Dixie Mulholland.

Dixie is a fledgling reporter who has her sights set on making network anchor. When Las Vegas is gripped by a series of unsolved murders, she is assigned to report on the gruesome slayings. Her star rises when she is the first to label the crime the work of The Werewolf Killer.

Adam never recalls what he does as a canine with any great clarity, and he fears he or his siblings have something to do with the murders. Afraid of going to the police, he forms a plan to solicit the help of Dixie. She is, at once, attracted to Adam, and he cannot keep thoughts of Dixie out of his mind. Can they find happiness together when they discover the awful truth behind The Werewolf Killer?


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Sin City Daemon

ADAM STEEL is the only known Shape Shifter held in captivity. His captors seek just one thing: to witness his transformation from Human to Giant Irish Wolfhound. Adam refuses to cooperate, fearing mutilation if he does. In order to endure life behind bars, he focuses all this thoughts on Dixie Mulholland, the only girl he's ever loved.

On the night Dixie confessed her love for Adam, she discovered she was a Daemon. Adjusting to that new reality leaves her suspicious and fearful. She has no idea if Adam is alive or dead, but after receiving messages from "the other side," all that is about to change.

Thanks to an unlikely ally, Adam escapes prison and reunites with Dixie. They rekindle their romance while unraveling a plot to destroy humanity. In a city of sin, passion, and chance, Adam and Dixie gamble on love being thier only hope.


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Sin City Mystic


Adam Steel is desperate. Born a Giant Irish Wolfhound with the ability to become human, all he wants is to lead a normal life with the woman he loves. But, as fate would have it, the love of his life, Dixie Mulholland, has been cursed to live as a canine.

Dixie is resigned to her fate, and that means having a drastically reduced lifespan. Adam is determined to remove her curse, no matter the cost - and everything in Vegas comes at a cost. In his quest for a cure, Adam ignites a war between good and evil, threatening to open the gates of Hell and unleash The Devil himself.

With the help of some very special friends, Adam and Dixie frantically race against time to save the city from evil's reign. In the end, Adam questions his ability to lead the life he craves as he uncovers the heinous truth buried deep below Sin City.

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The Theory of Insanity


The End Has Begun...

Brooklyn Davis is dead...again. When nuclear war destroys the world, Brooklyn travels back in time to stop it. The trouble is, he's already gone back on eight separate occasions and has failed to prevent the apocalypse from happening each and every time.

With the Window of Opportunity for change closing fast, Brooks knows he has one last chance to get it right. But, unlike his previous attempts, if he fails this time, there will be no do over.

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vast cover.jpg

The Vast Configuration


They're Here For a Reason...

Carlos Huerta, at one time considered the world's top theoretical physicist, is about to enter an underground world of secrets, lies, and deception. In a government complex just north of Las Vegas, Nevada, Carlos comes face to face with an eclectic group of specially gifted people, a dedicated para-military security force, and more than one million extraterrestrials. After four decades of housing, feeding, and studying the catatonic aliens, Washington D.C. concludes that the operation is nothing more than a drain on the economy and wants the "problem to go away." Carlos is assigned the task of discovering the reason for the alien visitation, or the government will begin its plan of mass extermination. 

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Deadly people front cover 1.jpg

Deadly People

Las Vegas means "The Meadows" in Spanish. Mexican and Mormon settlers travelled through a fertile valley on their way to California via The Old Spanish Trail. Some stayed. Some prospered. Most kept right on going to the riches promised by the California Gold Rush. But today, people from all over the world return to Las Vegas in search of their own fortunes - their own riches. Some stay. Some prosper.

Personally, I have found a wealth of sorts in this valley. Most of my stories unfold in Las Vegas; a place where people redefine themselves, put down roots, and start over. Stories of murder, mystery, and paranormal phenomena have always fascinated me, but even more so when they happen in a place known as Sin City.

Whether the story du Jour is an account of murder for hire, a simple ghost story, or an original recounting of ghastly events, my Deadly People are dying to tell you about their lives.

Release Date September 6, 2022. Available for Pre-order NOW.

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Deadly Places

Compared to European countries, America is relatively young. Compared to American cities, Las Vegas is a mere infant. The stories in this volume tell the tale of place, and Las Vegas is a place that begs to be explored, from its historical roots and colorful past, to its anything-goes promise of the future.

Vegas is the embodiment of the American story. In 1905, the San Pedro, Los Angeles, and Salt Lake railroad connected to Las Vegas. Six years later, the city was incorporated. Fast forward a few short decades, and behold: construction of the Hoover Dam; the arrival of the nuclear age; Area 51; the Entertainment Capital of The World.

What was once a vast wasteland, miles of worthless desert, now boasts some of the planet's most significant luxury resorts. People come from all around the world to visit The Strip with its water fountains, volcanoes, gondolas, and tropical forests. What better location to use as a backdrop for my collection of stories dedicated to place?

This volume runs the gamut between small, intimate tales, to global accounts with universal implications. If that sounds a bit over-the-top - it is. But remember, this is not just another city that happens to be in the desert. This is an oasis. An escape. A place in the sun known as Sin City.

Release Date set for January 2023

Deadly Things Cover.jpg

Deadly Things

Sometimes things go bump in the night. We've all heard them, tried to explain them, and on occasion summoned the courage to investigate them. When they happen in Las Vegas, during the unbearable heat of a summer evening, they're hard to ignore. Not to worry though, the left side of our brain assures us it's just the house settling or a sudden gust of wind.

Then the right side takes over.

Could it be a supernatural presence? A creature of the night? Or is it the sins of the past come to haunt the living? In a place like Sin City, a town built in the middle of the desert with mob money and innocent blood, those sins are many; the creatures all too real.

I hope you enjoy Deadly Things, the final installment of the Deadly short story trilogy. However, a warning. The following accounts of science fiction, dystopian futures, creepy-crawlies, and evil intent are best read by the light of day. Before things begin to bump.

Release Date set for 2023