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The Theory of Insanity

Einstein said "Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity." The Theory of Insanity is a time travel thriller. Brooklyn Aaron Davis must find a way to alter history and save the world. He's already gone back eight times to stop the apocalypse, and failed each time. With the help of his Guide, Samantha Greene, he realizes he must try something different to save the world. As the Window of Opportunity for change is closing, their next journey back in time to save the world will be their last. 

Published by NewLink Publishing


Do something different...

I wrote The Theory of Insanity as a way to show that there is generally more than one solution to a problem. Looking at problems as an opportunity to try something different is the key to successespecially when you're out of options...and out of time! 

Rick Newberry

Praise for The Theory of Insanity

Had the best time reading The Theory of Insanity! That plot kept my head whipping back and forth like I was at a great tennis match (a big time compliment from me!). The book lived up to the promise

Stephanie Storey, Bestselling author of Oil and Marble, and award winning television producer

Rick Newberry's inventive sci-fi thriller raises the stakes like no other novel.

Tonya Todd, Henderson Writer's Group

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