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Deadly Things

Things that go bump in the night...things that can't be explained...things better left unspoken. Deadly Things is the final book in the Deadly Trilogy, Dedicated to unnatural phenomena, otherworldly guests, and objects infused with evil intent. All these things bid you welcome. But remember, they just may never let you go.

Published By NewLink Publishing


The Deadly Things Stories

The Resistance
Welcome to Las Vegas, home of the fabulous Resistance

The Swarm
Are you ready for one night in Las Vegas...of Biblical proportions?

The Fetish
It may not mean what you think it means

Fender Bender
Happy motoring

It's a big universe...maybe too big.

The Entity
A superpower origin story
32 Ounces
A Las Vegas survival guide

The Book Club

Everybody loves to read...don't they?

The Termagant
She loves gold. The shine, touch, and taste of it

Project Origin
A plan to save the world...just might end it

They live below The Strip...have a pleasant night out

Character Assasins

Be careful what you wish for...


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