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SinCity Wolfhound

"I should have left Las Vegas after the first murder."

Thus begins The SinCity Trilogy which includes SinCity Wolfhound (2015), SinCity Daemon (2016), and SinCity Mystic (2017).

The trilogy chronicles the adventures of Adam Steel, a Giant Irish Wolfhound with the ability of becoming human, and Dixie Mulholland, a Las Vegas reporter who is investigating a series of vicious murders on the world famous Las Vegas Strip. 

Published by The Wild Rose Press


We are what we are...

I wrote SinCity Wolfhound because I wanted to explore a different version of shape shifter. Basically, how would the family dog interact with the world if he were human? More importantly, how would the world react to him? What are his wants, his needs? A Giant Irish Wolfhound, the largest breed of dog in the world, gave me the platform to explore this relational study. Of course, having the story play out on the streets of Las Vegas added an extra dimension to this unique paranormal thriller.  

- Rick Newberry

Praise for SinCity Wolfhound

"SinCity Wolfhound" was a very entertaining read. The plot was wholly unpredictable. It was an interesting vehicle to explore the variations in human relationships.

—Amazon Customer

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