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Rick Newberry

Rick Newberry considers himself a person who cannot NOT write.

Raised on The Twilight Zone, One Step Beyond, The Outer Limits, and Night Gallery, Rick loves the macabre, strange, and paranormal. The twist ending in other books is usually where his novels begin...

Rick Newberry lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, and finds Sin City a unique backdrop for his books, short stories, and flash fiction. His novels include SinCity Wolfhound (2015 Wild Rose Press, New York), SinCity Daemon (2016 Wild Rose Press, New York), SinCity Mystic (2017 Wild Rose Press, New York), and The Theory of Insanity (2019 NewLink Publishing, Las Vegas). He is currently working on a science fiction novel which takes place in a top secret underground facility just north of Las Vegas. 

Five Things About Me You May Not Know

1) I have three furry friends who rule my world. Miniature Schnauzers named Bandit, Rufus, and Lil Bit.

2) I am a member of The Author's Guild

3) I have been working on a series of short stories, many of which take place in Las Vegas. Working title? The Deadly People Series.

4) My favorite part about writing is presenting my finished work in front of a live group, reading passages, and answering questions. Pretty weird for a self-professed introvert.

5) I stay up too late, and get up too early. Life is for writing...sleep is for the dead.

FACEBOOK: Richard Arthur Newberry

INSTAGRAM: randesign999


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