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Deadly Places

Deadly Places is the second book in the Deadly Trilogy. Each story takes place in and around Las Vegas. This volume runs the gamut between small, intimate tales, to global accounts with universal implications. If that sounds a bit over-the-top - it is. But remember, this is not just another city that happens to be in the desert. This is an oasis. An escape. A place in the sun known as Sin City.

Published By NewLink Publishing


The Deadly Places Stories

Across The Universe
Travelling faster than light can be a real kick in the head

The Mojave
Beware the Caliche

The Back Room
Place your bets...if you dare

Casa de los Muertos
Happy Halloween to all

Cheswick Park
Where all the bodies are hidden

Groom Lake
Welcome to Fabulous Earth

Mystic Way

A story of redemption in Las Vegas


Working 9 to 5 at the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Center

Phil's Used Car Lot

Slacking sales? Not to worry, Phil has a plan

The Cloud West Family Fun Park
I spy, with my little eye...all the colors of the rainbow

The Attic

To catch a murderer...send a murderer

The First Mutual Bank of Nevada
Not your ordinary bank job...

The Road to Pahrump
The Dark Ages...part two.


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