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SinCity Mystic

Keeping secrets from the woman I love makes my stomach gurgle. What's worse, Dixie Mulholland is more than a woman, she's a Daemon, capable of rummaging through my thoughts whenever she wants. With her abilities, it's a wonder she hasn't discovered what I'm doing. Either she isn't looking in the right corners of my mind, or I've gotten better at hiding things. In any case, she doesn't let on if she knows my plan, so I keep quiet...and keep doing it.

Published by The Wild Rose Press


We do what must be done...

It's been some time since Adam Steel has come to terms with the monsters in his soul. He finally understands what he wants and what's expected of him. After months of fighting battles to keep Las Vegas safe, the final outcome of the vast war between good and evil is at hand. With the help of some very special friends, Adam and Dixie race against time to save their city, and the world, against the forces of darkness.

- Rick Newberry

Praise for SinCity Mystic

A satisfying conclusion to the SinCity Trilogy. It does not disappoint.

—Sylvia LaVelle

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